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Discover our patented semi-automated spinning bioreactor, the RPMotion.


What is Orgonex?

Orgonex is a private company which develops technology in the organoid field.
We focus on bioreactor technology while helping scientists and companies to increase the pace of organoid research and reduce the costs.

Reduce costs of your organoid research

Increase the pace of your organoid research

Organoids have an impact in several fields including toxicology and personalized medicine.Yet, the standard way of culturing organoids is tedious and expensive. Orgonex technology helps scientists and companies to reduce the cost of organoid culture and automate the procedure, standardizing culturing in the process.

Plug in

Add the bioreactor to your own culture stove and connect it to the control unit allowing both monitoring and control of your organoid cultures.


The gentle rotation of the bioreactor will increase the mixing of essential media components, allowing your cells to grow under ideal conditions.


The organoid-specific bioreactor will increase the yield of your organoids an average five fold.


How it works

The patented stirring rods, specifically tailored to the need of organoids, allow the ideal mixing of the cells and media components.
Next to the mixing of essential media components, the oxygenation of the culture is improved as well. Together, this creates the ideal environment for organoids to grow and expand.


We are Orgonex, creating novel organoid technology.

With our own scientific background in organoid culture, we understand the need for automation of organoid cultures, while also reducing complexity and costs. This is why we generated an organoid-specific bioreactor. Want to join us in reducing costs of your research while increasing the pace? Go down in media volume and run experiments simultaneously!

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