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Bioreactor technology increased the efficiency for cell culture. However, until now no organoid-specific bioreactor existed. We provide a disruptive alternative to static cultures while increasing the cell yield and reducing the costs of culture media. Importantly, the functionality of the organoids is retained using stirred suspension cultures.

What we do differently

What the technology of Orgonex brings


Gas & nutrient exchange improved

Better expansion

Less involvement, more automation

Retains or increases organoid function

Waste products do not remain in near vicinity of the cells


Bad exchange of nutrients and gasses

Limited expansion of organoids

Laborious process

Organoid functionality remains low

Unequal distribution of waste products

The benefits

Costs reduction

The increased cell yield using the bioreactor will generate more cells over two weeks compared to static cultures. This will allow the use of less costly organoid media.


A tailor-made bioreactor for organoid culture, that is key to our technology. The RPMotion is compatible with most standard lab infrastructure.


Tired of all the manual labor involved in static organoid culture? The organoid bioreactor needs minimal attention and can be monitored without even opening the incubator.

Improved quality

More cells while remaining functional? We will provide the tools to efficiently expand organoids while retaining their functional state. It is all possible with the Orgonex bioreactor.

Improved UX

With a control unit placed conveniently outside the incubator, the organoid culture can be monitored and only needs to be harvested once every two weeks. Simultaneous culture can be achieved with individual bioreactors (modular up to 64 bioreactors in sets of 4).

GMP compliance

Our bioreactor is ideal to aid in the production of a consistent product and is therefore an ideal combination for GMP compliance.

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